Sis and Mae Wine Co draws its inspiration from the indomitable spirit of two remarkable women, ‘Sis,’ and her sister-in-law, Mae. Their journey began in the late 1940s when they uprooted their families from New Mexico to Oregon, guided by the ever-shifting currents of work opportunities.

In every place they called home, Sis and Mae could be found, an enduring presence on the porch of Sis’s house. Here, amid the Oregon landscapes, they wove their stories, sipping countless cups of coffee, and weaving the intricate tapestry of their households. Unbeknownst to them, their lives would become an integral part of the unique culture of the Willamette Valley, contributing a thread to the rich fabric of Oregonian identity.

From this resilient environment, they both took and gave, shaping the future of their family in ways unforeseen. Today, their legacy lives on in the very essence of our family. It is with unwavering dedication to this spirit that Sis and Mae Wine Co aspires to craft wines that embody the true essence of Oregon. With each bottle, we hope to capture the moments of connection, when you, like Sis and Mae, embrace the people and environment that surround you.”

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