Growing up on a farm near Carlton, owner and winemaker Greg Van Dyke developed a taste for both the outdoors and agriculture and coincidentally, was also exposed to the burgeoning wine industry erupting around him.  Agricultural work entailed many skills, mechanical work among them,  which led him to pursuing a degree in engineering.
After completing his degree, he pursued an engineering career, but found himself being steadily pulled back to the wine industry.  In 2010 he interrupted his engineering work and traveled to New Zealand to work at Ata Rangi in Martinborough.  This incredible experience allowed him the opportunity to work with great wines and wonderful people in beautiful surroundings. When he returned to Oregon, he again found work in the construction world but with more immediate intent to start his wine label.  Bud’s Bloom was started in 2012 with the first releases coming from the 2013 vintage.
The brand and the very existence of it is originally accredited to Greg’s grandfather, Robert “Bud” Van Dyke, who was the first generation of Oregon farmers in his family lineage.  His Son, William Van Dyke, and Greg’s family also farmed in the Willamette Valley.  One piece of property farmed was originally owned by Bud and would eventually be planted to what is now Janice Vineyard.

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